Total Eclipse and 16 Year Anniversary Event

It couldn't have been better... the total eclipse and our 16 year anniversary. WOW!

Total Eclipse and 16 Year Anniversary Event
On April 8, 2024 Dallas was in the path of totality for the solar eclipse.
Coincidentally, this celestial event shared the 16-year anniversary of the birth of Lake Highlands Community Garden. To mark the anniversary and celebrate the eclipse, the garden sponsored an event for gardeners, their friends and families.
Friends and family gather to enjoy some eclipse inspired snacks while waiting.
Refreshments were eclipse themed, including Moonpies, Sunchips,
Oreos, Eclipse gum, sun and eclipse shaped cookies, and Sunkist drinks!
The day started with cloud cover with seemingly no visibility of the eclipse, but as time passed, the clouds parted to allow the full enjoyment of the eclipse.  WOW!

We are thrilled to have had so many friends, neighbors, founders, children, those a bit older, and Councilmember, Kathy Stewart, to join our 16 year celebration and observation of one of the true miracles on this earth.