Growing and giving for over 15 Years

We provide space for individuals to grow their own organic food and donate fresh produce to food pantries.

our mission

Our mission is to cultivate a community where we can grow and donate organic food. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable practices, empowering our community, and making a positive impact.

Volunteer run
17,000+ lbs
of food donated since 2021
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Since launching in April 2008, LHCG has grown from less than 1.0 acre and 35 plots to 2.27 acres and 100 plots due to generous donations from public and private organizations and individuals.

LHCG is a 100% organic garden that was designed to serve as a model for other community gardens throughout the city, and it has been a stop on numerous green tours sponsored by the City of Dallas, TexasAgriLife, and other environmentally focused groups. We are passionate about contributing to the community and providing a safe, natural oasis where people can grow their own organic produce.

Since its inception, LHCG has benefited from its diverse group of plot holders and volunteers. We have donated over 17,000 lbs of organic produce to local food pantries since 2021, most of which was grown in our dedicated Donation Garden. LHCG is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors who work together for the benefit of all gardeners.

Our History

The Lake Highlands Community Garden initiative is based on EPA guidelines and research showing that a network of community gardens, which had proven a success in other cities, would be a beneficial addition to the Dallas area. When the city’s Office of Environmental Quality reached out to existing community gardeners to help energize the effort in 2007, our founding gardeners responded with enthusiasm and created LHCG within one year. They found a location on a city-owned property in Lake Highlands in Dallas, made presentations, got approval from area residents, and worked with local businesses to donate cash and materials.

Powered by Volunteers

Volunteers play a crucial role in our community. There are no paid staff or employees at LHCG. We welcome anyone who
shares our passion for our mission.

Lake Highlands Community Garden Volunteers working together
Lake Highlands volunteers working in garden
Lake Highlands Community Garden Volunteer working in garden
Lake highlands community garden space