Plot Holders and Community Volunteers Share Comments

Sandra Hutchens
Since  2012, Gardens for Texas has maintained two plots at the community garden. We have enjoyed planning, planting and harvesting our organic crops. During the spring and summer seasons, Jamie Klingenberg and I have harvested asparagus, tomato, okra, pepper, sweet potato and eggplant. Our winter crops have been a variety of leafy greens, kale, broccoli, onion and garlic.

In addition to producing organic, healthy and fresh vegetables, Jamie and I have developed meaningful friendships. There is always a helping hand when it comes to extra watering during the hot summer months  and shared knowledge about different varieties and methodologies. We enjoy socializing amongst the butterflies during Community Days. The board is really proactive in maintaining open and fluid communication about upcoming events and appropriate seasonal planting.

Sandra Hutchens, President, Gardens for Texas