Plot Holders Main Garden

The main garden consists of 87 raised bed plots

Various sizes are available for individuals and families to grow their own organic vegetables and ornamentals. Visit our Get A Plot page to learn how you can get involved.

Tomato Orchard 2016
Tomato Orchard 2016

Meet Our Plot Holders Main Garden Manager

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Mark Crawford, joined LHCG in 2015. Mark works with new and veteran gardeners in helping them comply with the “Gardener’s Agreement” on the care and maintenance of our organic plots and the entire garden.

Meet Our Plot Manager

Plot Manager - A.L. Nickerson

A.L. Nickerson, joined LHCG in 2008. A.L. assists new and renewing plotholders to “Get A Plot” each season.

Recognition – Plot of the Month


Mason McNairy digging fingerling potatoes on Earth Day 2017
Mason digging fingerling potatoes
Pepper Crop
Lee's Tibetan prayer flags
Lee’s Tibetan prayer flags
Yummy Beets
Jamie and Sandra (Gardens for Texas) harvest their garlic crop
Jamie and Sandra (Gardens for Texas) harvest their garlic crop