Herb Garden

Community Herb Garden for Cuttings

We grow upwards to 25 varieties of herbs. All registered plot holders are invited to take cuttings for preparing their meals. The Herb Garden helps reduce the need to plant herbs in individual plots.

Meet Our Herb Garden Manager

The Herb Garden is managed by Gayle Barton, a gardener since 2016. Gayle is enthusiastic about growing herbs for cooking. She and her team keep several varieties of herbs planted in family groups: such as sage, basil, thyme, parsley, oregano and mint for easier identification and comparison.

Tour Our Herb Garden

As a component of our educational outreach, we invite you to visit the Herb Garden, learn what plants are growing. Below is a PDF guide showing photos, common names and scientific names.  Navigate to our Recipes page to learn how to use herbs in your kitchen.


Note: Scroll to bottom of image then tap to view additional pdf pages.

Herb Garden Guide to Plants