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Managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Garden Managers who donate their time and wisdom

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit under the federal tax code, Dallas Is Gardening Inc., DBA Lake Highlands Community Garden.

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Every year we look for gardeners who demonstrate an interest in the care and improvement of our overall community. We poll gardeners at the beginning of each year, asking them to volunteer in activities that they might have a special interest or talent.

Serving on the board of directors is one area. Current board members nominate new board members who serve an indefinite term based upon the person’s time to attend board meetings and to provide leadership.

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Meet Our Officers & Board Members

(date indicates year joined our community)

President – Kent Binfied, 2009
Vice President – Vince Huebert, 2013
Treasurer – Mike Hutton, 2014
Secretary – Christine Candler, 2008

Board Member – Mark Crawford, 2015
Board Member – Louise Elam, 2015
Board Member – A.L. Nickerson, 2008
Board Member – Christine Candler, 2008
Board Member – Ann West, 2014
Board Member – Bronson Havard, 2010
Board Member – Elizabeth Williams, 2014

Garden Managers, Board Positions

Plot Manager – Bronson Havard, 2010
Donation Garden Manager – Robert Gross, 2011
Butterfly Garden Manager – Elizabeth Williams, 2014

Garden Managers, Non-Board Positions

Demonstration Garden – Matt Ford, 2012
Herb Garden – Gayle Barton, 2016


To get in touch with a Board member or Garden Manager send an email using our contact form. Put their name in the subject field.