Bee Sanctuary

Bee Sanctuary Welcomes Pollinators

The Bee Sanctuary is a fenced area where hives are maintained by the Texas Honeybee Guild for the pollination of plants grown in our community garden.

The Texas Honeybee Guild is very active in conservation and education. Navigate here to learn of the many bee-oriented activities in the Dallas area. Learn about bees, beekeeping, bee-friendly plants, and more.

Bee Education and Purchases

The Texas Honeybee Guild frequently holds bee-friendly educational activities for children.

Interested in indulging in some of their honey? Find Texas Honeybee Guild beekeepers, Susan and Brandon Pollard, at the Dallas Farmers Market. They are there every Saturday and Sunday with a complete line of products, as they have been for almost a decade.

Bee hives in the bee sanctuary at LHCG 2017
Bee hives in the LHCG bee sanctuary 2017. Photo: Bronson Havard
Beekeeper checking the hives
Beekeeper checking the hives
Learning about honeybees is fascinating
Learning about honeybees is fascinating. Photo: Texas Honeybee Guild
Texas Honeybee Guild Products
Texas Honeybee Guild Products. Photo: Texas Honeybee Guild